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Don's Study Guide for the Canadian RPAS Pilot BASIC Operations Exam

Don's Study Guide for the Canadian RPAS Pilot BASIC Operations Exam

$29.99 CAD

Don's Study Guide for the
Canadian RPAS Pilot Basic Operations Exam
by Don Joyce of DonDronesOn.com
© 2024 Don Joyce.  All rights reserved. 
PDF Format Only
This study guide is a soft copy of the PowerPoint presentation shown in my YouTube video which helps you prepare for the Drone Pilot Basic Operations Exam.  The video is free and available on YouTube at DonDronesOn.com. It also includes the material shown in the Airspace and Aerodromes video, as well as additional searchable material from each of the required knowledge areas. This package is 57 pages.
After watching the video and using the study guide material, you must still go to the Transport Canada website to take the "Small Basic Exam". I am not affiliated with Transport Canada and the fee for this study guide does not cover the cost of the Pilot Basic Operations Exam. 
This copyrighted material is the intellectual property of the author, Don Joyce.  It is for the personal use of the individual purchaser only.  It cannot be shared, distributed, reproduced, or resold by any individual or organization, in whole or in part, without the express written consent of the author.

The study guide material is provided in PDF format.  When you purchase this item, you will receive an email with a link for downloading the file.
To further help you prepare for both the Basic and Advanced Exam, I recommend you also purchase Don's Guide to the Canadian RPAS Regulations for Drones  which provides a detailed translation of each regulation item into plain language.

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© 2024 Don Joyce.  All rights reserved.  

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