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All items are fully inspected and tested prior to shipment to ensure you receive excellent goods in working condition as described in the listing. Items are packaged securely and carefully for shipment.  

Please note that a pocket watch is a delicate device. It is intended for light duty use on special occasions. It is not intended for daily wear. It should not be dropped, banged, knocked or subjected to wet, extremely hot or extremely cold conditions. You must be especially careful not to over wind a mechanical pocket watch. When fully unwound, the mechanism should never be wound more than 15 - 20 times. If the watch is already running, the turns may be considerably less. Never wind a pocket watch until the mechanism is tight. This will cause the mechanism to seize and the watch to stop working.  It is not unusual for a mechanical pocket watch to require gentle agitation (such as rocking back and forth in your hand) to resume motion after winding.

We are not able to accept returns and all sales are final so PLEASE read our listings carefully and look at the included pictures. If you have questions, please ask. It is our pleasure to provide you with answers.