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Hi, I'm Don Joyce, owner of DonDronesOn.  As an expert on drone/RPAS regulations in Canada, I offer three basic 'product lines':

1) My YouTube channel with hundreds of free videos:  YouTube.com/@donjoyce

2) This online store for offering both free downloadable items and for-pay items.  These products are offered in downloadable PDF format. 

3) The Drone Pilot Canada mobile app, of which I am a co-developer.

I am also the founder and president of the Drone Pilot Association of Canada (DPAC):  DronePilotAssociationOfCanada.com


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at: DonDronesOn@gmail.com


(Incidentally, if you encounter branding or references to 'Pocket Watch Purveyor' on this site, please let me know.  I have rebranded my late-wife's store from pocket watches to drone material...and I'm not very good at this!)