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Don's Canadian Drone Pilot Log Book (Excel Spreadsheet)

Don's Canadian Drone Pilot Log Book (Excel Spreadsheet)

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Don's Canadian Drone Pilot Log Book (Excel Spreadsheet)
By Don Joyce of DonDronesOn.com
 @2024 Don Joyce. All rights reserved.
The current Canadian drone (and RC aircraft) regulations require all Canadian Drone Pilots to keep a variety of registration/certification information, flight logs, checklists, and procedures close at hand.
My easy-to-use Canadian Drone Pilot Log Book is a multi-tabbed MS Excel spreadsheet which you can easily customize to meet your needs. The Pilot Log Book provides a simple means to keep all your required administrative requirements in one place: registration and certification numbers, a flight log, maintenance log, checklists and procedures. Instructions are included to explain where you can enter your identification information and track your flights and maintenance activities. The Pilot Log Book is pre-filled with a sample pre-flight checklist, take-off procedure, landing procedure, and the required emergency procedures. Basic knowledge of MS Excel is required to enter and update data in the Pilot Log.  There are no formulas or macros to maintain or worry about.

All material is provided in soft copy format and sent to you electronically. There is no shipping charge for the electronic delivery. I do not supply a hard copy book. Files will be sent within minutes of purchase. If you have difficulty accessing the material after purchase, please get in touch.
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© 2024 Don Joyce.  All rights reserved. 


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