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04 Apr '15

Make a Wedding Cake for Under $50 Using a Grocery Store Sheet Cake

DIY Wedding Cake Grocery Store Sheet Cake (25)

A few weeks ago, the APW team got together to do a little flower shoot. While we were at it, I decided that we were going to do something I’ve wanted to do for a zillion years: turn a grocery store cake into a really lovely wedding cake. You know, a post you could show to your mom when she didn’t get you were saving money AND being super classy. (PocketWatchPurveyor note: Costco sheet cakes are even more affordable, tasty and perfect for this project.)

So it was decided that I would go to Whole Foods, and get some of their cute cakes for us to work on. But I was really determined to take it a step farther than that. I wanted to show that you could take ANY kind of grocery store cake and turn it into a wedding cake. (Because, let’s be for real: my home town does not have a Whole Foods or a Trader Joe’s or any kind of gourmet grocery store, and your town might not either.) So, I set out to find the world’s most average sheet cake. This being Oakland, I tracked one down at the Lucky’s in my neighborhood, where the people behind me in line were pretty clearly high on crack. So, you know, that seemed not-gourmet enough.

And when I got this cake I was OVER THE MOON, because it was suddenly clear to me that this was going to be the awesomest of all the projects (in my estimation). So I brought the cake into the shoot, and everyone just sort of looked at it, worriedly. Then they looked at me very doubtfully. (Credit where credit was due: Maddie was as excited as I was about it.) While I was working on the cake, I kept waving people away, because everyone wanted to pretty-fy it: take off the sprinkles, take of the piping. And do.

But for truth. When I finished, there was a collective, “Ooooooooo…..” It was good, my friends. So without further ado, the world’s easiest (and cheapest) wedding cake. If you do this for your wedding, I want to have a drink with you.

DIY Wedding Cake Grocery Store Sheet Cake (20)DIY Wedding Cake Grocery Store Sheet Cake (21)

DIY Wedding Cake Grocery Store Sheet Cake (22)


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25 Feb '15

Groomsmen Gifts for Your Wedding: Who You Should Buy a Pocket Watch For?


Tradition dictates that the groom is responsible for purchasing gifts for the male members of the wedding entourage. This group includes the best man, groomsmen, ushers and the ring bearer. It’s also appropriate to present both your father and the father of the bride with tokens of your appreciation for their support.

Customers tell me everyday what a great choice a pocket watch is for a groomsmen gift. It's something a little different but it's still something functional. It can be used again. It makes an interesting fashion statement. It is fun to receive engraved or unengraved. It can be worn as part of the groomsmen's ensemble on the day of the wedding and it can be worn again for future special events.

With that in mind, it's time to add all those people up and see how many pocket watches you need. I sell pocket watches individually or discounted in sets up to 12. I can also create a set of pocket watches for you in any number you like. I have created sets as big as 19 identical pocket watches. All my watches come with matching pocket chains. The pocket watches are all new, boxed and include a black velvet storage pouch for the watch. I also offer engraving on almost all my pocket watches. I can do monograms and initials, dates or special phrases provided by you.

You can see the variety of individual watches and groomsmen gift sets I have available at www.PocketWatchPurveyor.com


27 Jan '15

What is the difference between a monogram and initials?

     A monogram consists of the three initials, and places the last initial in the middle and larger than the other 2 initials.  Initials are simply three initials, straight across, first-middle-last, with all the characters the same size.
     Which style you choose and which style is best is generally a matter of personal taste. I am able to engrave initials either way based on your instruction. Please get in touch if you have questions about initial engraving.